Why being the Underdog is as good as it gets.

Mar 05, 2023

In every group there is one underdog and there are two people who stand out….

Hear me out!🔥

1. is the one being the loudest, to get attention and to make a point. Even though it is not always clear what that point is.

2. The other one is the underdog who does everything differently than the rest. Read: they are doing it their way!

NOW My question: guess who attracts the most attention in the long run.

The loudest person will run out of things to say. It is just a matter of time.

The one who does everything their own way, will always have something to share because they are doing it from their point of view... read their way... whatever that may be👏

Now think of that when you think about building your brand... What can you do that is different and doing so by being totally yourself?

Every designer should think about this. It is the one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd. And it is the one thing that will give you the customers you dream about.

Those that will love everything you create because you created it... not that loud one.... you.

They will love you for being you. Sounds scary right... Yes,... I know I have been there.... but one thing I know... scary will not kill you.... scary will be uncomfortable for a while and then you get used to it....It will take a while... it will need some persistence... and determination...


But I know you can do this as I did it too.... and I am not gifted with special features.... I am not Gigi Hadid.... I am not Vivienne Westwood.... I am ME....

(you know that Vivienne and Gigi are also just themselves right?)

So Hurray for you !!


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