Your Dream Customer and why they matter

Apr 17, 2023

Apparently I am not the only one....

Quick question: have you ever been told what to wear?

And when you follow the advice, you feel horrible and "not like yourself" at all.

People have a certain style that is deeply connected to who they are... well you know about this... right?

So you also know that you cannot make people dress in something that is not who they are.


I only failed once: When I just had my kids I had no time... I was a first time mom, had no time to think or even shower so I just dressed 'the easy way'. Yoga pants and sweatshirts... (believe me I did not do this for a long time)


But that was not me... those clothes where not me at all.

It was just convenient.... what I wanted to wear was sooooo completely different. 


We all know that: what we wear is who we are. It's personal, it's a feeling.

As a designer, you are part of this personal process!


You design, people choose, they dress.


The point I am making here is that when you are designing you must know who you design for. Right?

How else would you know who will want to wear your particular clothing...


Do you know?

Who your customer is? Who are the people that love what you create?

Or maybe who do you want to be your customer?


Yes, you heard that right.... you can choose, too!!

Sounds weird? Too good to be true?


Do you think Louis Vuitton don't know who they design for?

Or Gucci?

Or Rick Owens?

Or Alexander McQueen?

Or Westwood... or any brand that you LOVE...

They know (they know!!!) and they have a team that researches what their customer want....on a daily base!


Ok, I hear ya, you think that means they cannot have total creative freedom... Nope not true.

They have the freedom to make whatever they want but they make it FOR their customer.

And to make this even sweeter, most of the time the designer or creative director is the customer or has a muse that is the customer.


Think Pharrell, he is the epiphany of the LV customer... Just the 'larger than life' version of it. (I love Pharrell and his style)


When I just started out with my fist brand, years ago, I had no idea who my customers where... and that made it very difficult to sell my creations. 

To be even more honest: I had never even thought about this. 

They never told me this at Fashion School. Nothing!

How was I going to survive?

How would I make a living?

How would I sell?


the horror.... kept me awake!


It was only when I started to notice who my clients where by talking to them, that things started to change for me.


So even when you are just a small brand, are a one person design label. You NEED to know who you design for.

They will want what you have because how you make them feel.

If you can make them feel like they want to feel, you have found your people.


Dress your people!


Hope this helps in your journey to build your brand and to start growing...


Giving a Workshop in May, that is ALL about finding your DREAM Customers. This is already my personal invitation to you. 

It is YOU I want to see there to dive deep into your Dream Customer.

Bottom line is you cannot make people wear something that is not who they are, so getting to know who your dream customers are is essential. Knowing this will sky rocket your sales...

And yes that will make you money. This is a good thing!

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