Fashion Designers & Artisans

Finding it hard to make money with your creations

Is it giving you nightmares? 

You might even wonder: Maybe I am not talented enough?

It's not your talent the problem lies with your sales strategy... or rather the lack of it.

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Wait ... is this you?

You are a fashion designer and own a small brand or fashion business. Having this brand is what you always dreamed about.

You love being in the fashion business. You love designing and dressing people in your creations.

You know you are talented but the financial situation says otherwise.... and you start doubting your own talent.

All you want to do is earn a living with your creations and have that financial freedom you see others have.

If you don't turn this around you might have to get a second job to make ends meet.

This is not what you had in mind.

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You see other designers having a lot of success and can’t figure out why your work isn’t getting the recognition it deserves.


Yes....I have been there and honestly it felt terrible... that is the reason why I started to learn all that I need to know.


A designer and entrepreneur. And I have been just where you are... struggling to make ends meet...

Determined on making my dream reality, I was like a pitbull, not letting go and started learning all the secrets nobody tells you about.

Honestly it took me yearsand years to work my way to financial freedom and now after having worked in fashion for over 20 years, and having set up 3 brands... I know what work and what doesn't. While I learned the hard way, I am devoted to show you all what I have learned to grow a profitable business the easy way & empowering designers, like you, to follow their own big dreams.


worked for

Yes I want to start making money with my creations.


No thanks, I would like to keep struggling and do it by myself!