I Help Fashion Designers And Artisans
Get Dream Customers So They Can Create More
Of What They Love To Create
And Make A Living Doing So!

"This is the chance you have been waiting for... the opportunity to bring the work you care about to people eager to wear it...pay you for it and tell others about it."

Hey, I'm Maurille,

Fashion Designer Turned Business Coach

My hunch is that you want to have your own brand but are having trouble making money with your creations. And because selling feels like 'pulling teeth', you are stuck. You are in the right place, this site is full of incredible resources that can help you grow your brand, get your dream customers & make those sales (not kidding!).

By understanding the number ONE thing when you want to grow a profit, I've built a life and career doing what I love and I can teach you how to do the same.

There are people waiting for your work!


Who do I work with?

... fashion designers who create small and highly unique collections, modern couturiers, artisans, eccentrics, bohemians, outliers, denim junkies, knitters and technical geniuses and this is my invitation to you.

If you feel lost but determined to succeed.

If you feel like every other brand knows how to grow their business except you.

I understand how it feels and I know how to get out of that situation.


No, it is not too late!

The difference between a thriving fashion designer and those who continue to work 24/7 and still cannot pay the bills is that the designer who flourishes knows how to attract their dream customers and knows how to turn them into raving fans and start earning money so you don't have to get that second job in order to keep your business going......

yep, that's it in short!


Being successful without sacrificing your creativity and style?


Yes you can...

... have a wait-list of loyal dream customers and become known for your style.

… sell your work directly and with ease. (let’s skip the middle-man and keep all the profits)

… no matter what your style or vision, there is room for you too.


Remember your dream?


You have BIG plans and high hopes and you want THAT, right now! You want to share your talent, dress your people in your creations.

I have done it and I want to share my proven techniques with you.

Start today and make an impact !


It's your time to share your

creations with the world.

Don't take my word for it...


“This is the secret information NOBODY gives you when you are trying to make it in the fashion industry”

Margherite St. Julien

“If you need help she is the right person to give it to you. She knows her stuff because she has done it herself”

Amy Powell

"I'd wish I had come across Maurille sooner, when I was struggling and got a job to finance my work"

Eline Thoen

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