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What I am all about ...


I've created have a human centered approach to building a creative business and sell with EASE — one that doesn’t require spending hours making Instagram reels, dying a slow death on the content creation hamster wheel, or selling your work on Etsy to make ends meet, or going down the retail-rabbit-hole that makes you want to rip your hair out. -Ouch-


Hey I'm Maurille


Creative to the bone, small town introvert, book-writing, digital marketing lover (can I say that?), gremlin slayer, late bloomer and campfire loving mom ... and the official alarm clock of my family of four.

Fueled by my creativity I parked the starving artist mindset a long time ago and started digging into what became my new creative life. It's about audacity and empathy. I see a lot of creatives skip the marketing part, and jump into the idea mode. Been there done that... so this is where I come in.

My guess is you’d love to make your creativity the main course of your life (and not the side dish) and maybe even quit that 9 to 5.

Welcome. I cannot wait to get you started on getting you that creative freedom you are longing for.

Sound like something that you want?



 I ❤️

Empowering Creatives To Build A Business That Makes Them HAPPY


Whether you’re an artist/designer/illustrator creating unique items, small collections, doing custom jobs. You want to earn a consistent monthly income with your work. It's that simple!

That is where I come in.

You have the ideas, now let's make that into the business that makes you happy.

There is a clear path to getting there that doesn't involve selling-out, losing your creativity to the highest bidder or feeling super sleazy.

Bootstrapping all the way


Fresh out of Art School, I pretty soon set up my own brand and started to build a business. No clue -at all- what I was doing and found it was slightly harder than it looked. (failing was a daily routine)

Dedicated to make things happen I started to try out different things. When one day I realized I had to focus on finding my people. That single idea changed everything. I started from selling nothing at fairs and markets to selling out at an international trade show.

While I started out with pure bootstrapping techniques, I went from having to take on a second and third (!!!)  j.o.b. to pay for my business to selling worldwide from Switzerland to Japan in one year and reaching my personal financial goal to freedom. Pride!

But... and it's a big but... it wasn't easy and I worked my ass off to get the results I wanted but knowing how hard things can be I am dedicated to help other creatives reach the creative freedom they crave and deserve!

Really!  Let me ask you this: Ya think the big businesses we all love, would be here if they did not sell?


This is what I believe in wholehearted. Creatives are undervalued and with the medieval myth "starving artist" still lingering. It's hard to find the right resources and get started.

All I want is to help you create a business that makes you happy.

Follow your dream... without regrets.

So what am I all about?

Super excited to help creatives, like you, start their business based on their unique talent....


Simply said. Your rules. Your business, Your happiness.

I give you the roadmap, you bring the ideas. Having both will help you get where you want to go fast.

That means you get to build your tribe, so you can sell your work when ever you want.

Sounds good?

Yes I'm in


Fun facts about me

* Over the years I built 3 fashion brands & sold worldwide and created a ruckus with my one-off-recycled collections back in the days

* I have 2 patents, written 4 books. Another book is on the way, created with my friend Simon Pipkin whom I have never met!

* I am Dutch, that means I always give it to you straight and I ride my bike everywhere. I live with my family in the country side, enjoying nature.

* I play records. The black vinyl ones, they just are the best.

* Love the BeeGee's. It's a sentimental thing