I'm Maurille

I create unique businesses for a living, want one?


No seriously: marketing and business stuff is super nerdy but I like it.

I like it the way Ponyboy likes Robert Frost's "nothing gold can stay" in Outsiders. I like it the way 'Jess' likes to sing. I like it the way our dog likes his bone.

And I happen to be awesome at it.

See originally I wanted to get really good at creating fashion collections. So I set up several brands.... all successful might I add. Whilst building and growing by brand I got sucked into the business stuff. I realized I had more fun being on this business adventure. Creating businesses to me is my creativity at 1000%. It's my roar. It's the lift in Dirty Dancing and it takes my breath away!

Helping the good guys win (that is you -the creatives) instead of the bad guys (ehh...mass production).

Now as one of the few business coaches out there working with creatives ONLY. (believe me you don't wanna get stuck with a biz coach who doesn't understand your magical creative brain)

I support creative entrepreneurs who wanna rock the internet & make a living with their work!


You with me?


...are you a creator, illustrator, painter, designer, knitter, photographer, textile artist, deejay, plant grower, wood worker.... or doing other amazing or weirdly creative things that you find fun and well maybe a little crazy now that you think about it and are pretty good at it. You're creating unique items, small collections or single products.

Ehhh....Feeling a little late to the party and afraid you completely missed the boot with online business building.

Me too!

Yes.... now that I am starting over it feels weird being not the hippest person (not that I ever was!)

First, No reason to freak out! It really doesn't matter one bit!

There is still plenty of time to make this work. Assuming you get started now.

So want to quit that day job you already had for way too long and is not making you happy.

Start making money with your work so you can aim for that creative life you always wanted. (yes it will never go away)

Or just want to start that creative adventure as a side hustle.... and see where it takes you...

Stick around, this is home. WELCOME




Supporting creative entrepreneurs who wanna rock the internet & make a living with their work!


That is where I come in.

You have the ideas, now let's make that into the business that makes you happy.

There is a clear path to getting there that doesn't involve selling-out, losing your creativity to the highest bidder or feeling super sleazy.

So what's this all about and more FAQ

What's with the name?

Yes it's Maurille ~More Real~ I get it, it's not an ordinary name. Super hard to pronounce and kinda unique. It's French and my parents were loving the hippie vibe.

You pronounce it as 'More Real' and NO I didn't come up with this myself (I wish). A friend in Art School made it up and it stuck. Love it actually as it describes me perfectly.

Why did you start this business?

Tired of having nowhere to go when I started out >> I was terrible when I started my first (back in the days) creative business. I studied and I got better!

I like it and seeing other creatives struggle with setting up their creative biz, I had to do something! My daughter is my guiding star in all this, as she is starting her own creative biz.

How can you help me?

Started my first online business in 2006 and it was fun but also a struggle (I know, I know). But  loved it and wanted more.  Setting up 3 more creative businesses that brought me good fortune and a truck load of knowledge.

I can help you with:

  • Starting your own rocking, results-getting, money-making, unique creative business
  • Tapping into your super power. Getting that ROAR!
  • Getting paid to be you


What's your super power?

Now we're talking.

As I was always the odd one out. Never the popular kid or adult come to think of it (hmmm) And realized that THAT was my super power. I stood out.

It has also helped me build a profitable business. So needless to say is that your uniqueness is your SUPER POWER. Amen to that!

Find your own super power with my free quiz... and never look back!



I'm afraid to start my business. Now what?

Hey!! so was I.... besties? No seriously it's scary a.f. I know...I know, but I also know that your work is amazing and needs to be out there. You want to create - make a living and have fun with it right?

S'all possible. I have made the journey super easy for you with my STARTER KIT. If takes the guessing out of it and will make it fun again! Pinky Promise.

I'm not sure if I've got what it takes?

First of all. Lie! Not true! There are a gazzilion creators, makers, artists, designers.... that are not even as talented as you are and they are rocking it.

Tell you a secret: it's not about talent it's about the story, the way you make them feel.


Didn't you have that children's fashion label?

Yes.... you better believe it. Jack Rabbit Spring. Sold from Austria to Japan. It meant I had a living room of boxes all year round. Doing trade shows 2 times a year and dressed my kids in the most awesome stuff you'd ever seen.

I hope this left you dreaming about setting up your own creative biz.


So how about your courses?

I love you...You are eager. That means you want more. Right now,  well not right now as I am writing this at the moment but when I finish writing this, I am creating my first course. It's called Base Camp, you will learn how to set up everything for your online business. The tech explained and show you how to set it up right. Not just giving you what you need but actually showing you why you need it and how it can serve you business.


Are you Dutch?

Yes. I am Dutch, that means I always give it to you straight and I ride my bike everywhere.

I live with my family of 4 in the country side near Utrecht, enjoying nature.


Tell me something fun about you?

I'm actually not that funny. But I try to be... and that's funny in a whole new way.

Challenged myself once: Did standup comedy for one evening during an open mic night. Sweated so much, I lost 4 pounds. People laughed, I didn't.

I'm super introverted, what shall I do?

Hey me too! People calling you quiet? Pffft. How little do they know.

I know you have that inner ROAR inside you that only sees the light of day when creating. You fearless warrior you... hmmmm I won't tell if you won't!

Seriously the internet was build for introverts as you can work by yourself, will never be bothered by other people who talk in the third person and cannot shut up about themselves. Honey, if I can do this. So can you!




Okay I'm in... I want to be part of the tribe! Now what?

You're my kind of people. Not saying that in a weird way.

I think you were made to be a  creative biz boss (that is my slang for CEO) as this is what you become as part of my tribe. Changing the world and make it look better, more fun and definitely less boring. Yeah!

You can sign up here to get my weekly news letter. Okay I tried coming up with a new less boring name. Newsletter sounds so old fashioned, it reminds me of dusty stores and old ladies who want to measure you up for your first bra. To be honest I haven't found one yet. So sign up to the newsletter. It's not boring, promise!